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BRIEF: A 40th Birthday to be remembered by all

VENUE: Private Party

EVENT: Life got curiouser and curiouser as we celebrated a 40th Birthday with our 'Concoction of Curiosity'! An invite arrives for you holding a key, but what will it unlock? As each guest arrived they were greeted by creepy Cliff the Concierge and lead to a chic champagne reception. Slowly, quietly and quite unexpectedly, guests were one by one chosen to cross the 'Curtain of Curiousity'. Through an unmarked door and into a secret garden they emerged the other side into a luxurious cavern of mystery and intrigue. Guests found a truly unique space where nothing was quite what it seemed. 'Curiosity Cocktails' were sipped from teacups, a sumptuous feast was served and musical entertainment abounded. Scattered throughout the Cavern were the 'Curiosity Caches' - boxes of all shapes and sizes holding hidden delights. But whose key would open which lock? And what would be revealed?