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BRIEF: A suprise 40th Birthday Party where 'Youth has no age'

VENUE: Momos on Heddon Street with 200 guests

EVENT: Upon entering Momo's guests were greated by meter tall numbers showing the birthday boys age, the perfect photo backdrop, and family photos projected onto a screen. While they waited for the birthday boys arrival DJ Fabio entertained everyone with his musical stylings and guests wrote down memories for Ed to take home, which they then placed into the 40 envelopes lining a wall. Once Ed had arrived, to find all his family and friends waiting for him, everyone continued to enjoy the bespoke cocktail which came with personalised cocktail stick flags with family photos. Canapes were served with both gluten and gluten free options. After the speech, and Ed's favourite shot, DJ Anna Greenwood was ready to wow the guests for the rest of the night.