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BRIEF: Private 60th Birthday Party

VENUE: The Water and Steam Museum with 150 guest

EVENT: The 15th of November was when the Water and Steam Museum saw a party like no other. The theme 'Its your party you can cry if you want to' was hosted in the original waterworks of London. The brief from the client was to fully immerse the guests into the theme - taking the emphasis away from him and flipping it...to 'It's your Party'.... On arrival the guests were handed a glass of Champagne and treated to delicious canapes whilst exploring the museum. In a promenade style experience guests were taken on a grand tour by the whacky owners, flash mobbed by the acapella group The Buzztones, they went speed dating with the God's of Love, had an art class with Aramis, decorated the birthday cake and made to believe that they had walked into their own birthday party. By the end of the evening all of the hosts guests had experienced their very own Birthday experience..