Our Work

BRIEF: A retro Christmas party for 200 guests

VENUE: The House of St Barnabas

EVENT: There’s no denying that Christmas didn’t peak in the 70s and 80s. So with the help of knitted jumpers, Baby Cham and a 1970s Gospel choir, Cow Events brought a ‘Bygone Christmas’ to Soho Square. Arriving to retro decor, drinks and canapés, the guests followed the sound of singing into the chapel where they were met a 30 piece gospel choir, singing 70s and 80s tunes in the private chapel. Operation, Hungry Hippos, Connect Four and Champagne Drop were played downstairs whilst Rita, our hostess, entertained upstairs with The Price is Right, Blockbusters, Blankety Blank and The Generation Game. Revellers could help themselves to a choice of Christmas meals or a classic 1970s inspired Carvery. Small groups were chosen and casting cards were given to selected guests. They were then prepped, dressed and briefed before being put in front of a Green Screen where a full crew of cameras and directors filmed them in a classic Christmas movie. To end the evening, the garden transformed itself into a Winter Wonderland where revellers wrapped up in blankets, toasted marshmallows and sang along with ‘The Gents’ at Kamp Kumbaya.